Sunset Waters

Macleay Island

Macleay Island is sheltered in the vast marine park of Moreton Bay and is edged by a variety of mangroves and sandy beaches. The Island is rich in native flora and fauna with prolific birdlife. The calm waters of the bay are ideal for swimming, fishing, or boating and are home to dolphins, dugongs and turtles.

Photo of Dalpura Beach Photo of fishing at sunset

Part of the Bay Islands group, Macleay is located in Redland Bay, and is protected from the rough waters of the South Pacific Ocean, by North Stradbroke Island.

Ferries run regularly to nearby neighbouring islands, as well as back and forth to the mainland, connecting to a network of bus services for onward journeys.

Macleay was originally settled in the 1880's for timber and farming, then in the 1960's much of the Island was subdivided into smaller house and farm allotments. Since becoming part of the Redlands shire in 1973 along with neighbouring Lamb, Russell and Karragarra Islands, the council has restricted further sub division thus preserving the cultural and environmental values of the area.

The Island is approximately 6km long and 4km wide and has a population exceeding 2000. There is a primary school, 2 local shopping centres, a service station, boat hire, library and community centre, local taxi service and a network of smaller shops. Some of the locals commute to the mainland daily for work or to attend senior schools.

The bowls club, boat club, tavern and golf course, provide focal points for both residents and visitors alike.

Macleay is a relaxed and peaceful destination for a weekend away from the hectic pace of the city, a short break, or for those looking for an island lifestyle.

Photo of Swimming Enclosure at Pat's Park Photo of Golden Sands Boulevarde